Role: Creator, Design Manager
A personal project in collaboration w/ concept artist: Nikos Lefas

Three Hours of Rain in Dino Park is an indoor, walk-through attraction that immerses guests in an exotic jungle environment featuring their favorite dinosaurs and fantasy landscapes while enveloping them in a soothing, ASMR rainfall experience. This highly sensory, interactive attraction is designed for people of all ages - grab a coffee, bring your kids, and enjoy a peaceful moment in Dino Park. This themed attraction includes: entertainment robotics, lighting & special effects, projection mapping, audio & visual Effects.
Guests are invited to interact with the exotic, bio-luminescent plant life that comes alive as you walk by. In the distance they can see dinosaurs roaming the jungle environment. The peaceful sound of rain and thunder is heard all around, enveloping guests in an ASMR-like audio experience.
Along their journey, guests can look out across the Dino landscape and operate controls on a dashboard that brings the scene to life. For example, guests can control the intensity of volcanic flow from the volcano. They can also press a button which lowers a crane full of Dino treats - only to bear witness to a Brachiosaurus raise its head and take a bite out of the bountiful treat. Interactions like these make a walk-thru experience more dynamic.
Finally, guests are invited to take photos in select “Instagram Spots”. Here they can use AR technology on their smart phones to create unforgettable moments.  More and more, location-based entertainment requires as many Instagram-worthy moments as possible. These final moments lead guests to Exit Retail.

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