I believe magic lies at the intersection of technology, art, and storytelling. I love creating guest experiences that are story-driven, interactive, and immersive.
I am a creative problem solver and team leader. I am adept at building customer relationships, managing scope and budget, and providing above-and-beyond solutions that create joy.
My background is in design thinking, innovation, and strategy. I have built visual information maps to help leaders tell their story. I have designed executive presentations to win hearts and minds. And, I have produced immersive experiences for high profile events. I an active member of the Slice Creative Network.
I am now seeking to leverage the above skills combined with my love for themed entertainment to raise the quality and innovation of guest experiences at well-known organizations.
I invite you to check out my work here on this site. Thanks for stopping by!
- Chris
Technical Skills
Adobe Photoshop   
Adobe Illustrator   
Adobe InDesign   
Adobe Dimension   
MadMapper   
SketchUp/CAD   
Microsoft Office   
InVision/Mural   
Unity3D   
UnrealEngine   
Sketch   
Adobe XD   
Essential Skills
Design Management · Project Management · Creative Direction · Art Direction · Executive Presentation Design · Concept Design · Attraction Design · Technical Direction · Virtual/Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality Design · 3D Modeling · Empathy · Problem Solving · Creative Leadership · Time Management · Strategic Communications · Brand Strategy · Graphic Design · Digital Marketing & Sales · Graphic Facilitation · Human-Centered Design (HCD) · Design Thinking · UX/UI · Graphic Recording · Creative Writing
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