Role: Creator, Design Manager
A personal project in collaboration w/ concept artist: Nikos Lefas

This is an idea for an augmented reality experience. I wrote the story and then shared with Nikos to illustrate.
Sometimes I think about the summer vacations I had just after college. At night I would often have a few drinks and slip out to the beach and just sit on the sand. This was the start of my zen place. I would look out onto the ocean - it was dark. The only sound was that of the waves crashing. The sky was so big. SO big. Full of stars. And It wrapped to the end of my peripheral vision. This is what made my senses go crazy.

My eyes began to adjust like a camera lens focusing in and out. I would take a deep breath and fill my lungs fill with oxygen - with life - and my mind would slowly decompress. My brain hydrated. And when my brain hydrated my eyes widened, my lungs expanded, and my body tingled all over. The endorphins filled within me. I was awash in the moonlight as it poured down from the sky over the ocean and splash up onto the beach.
This is about as close to the universe as I could feel. No wonder the ancients believed there was a god of the ocean. It is a mighty force. And where the ocean and sky meet - this is is the great beyond. This feeling is human - it is timeless - now and forever - I am one with the universe.And so began my fascination with the night sky.
The stars mapped all around me. I saw the past and the future. I could see something bigger than me and this was true and powerful and real. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to recreate this experience.
What if I could watch something against this dark, beautiful, magnificent canvas that stretched to the ends of the earth?

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